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How do I know which system will fit my truck?
Our hoist system spec sheet outlines the optimum truck specs for each of our hoist systems. You will need to know the cab to axle (CA) which is a measurement from the back of the cab to the center of the rear axle as well as the cab to end of frame (CEF) which is from the back of the cab to the end of the frame of the truck. If you need more assistance feel free to contact a local authorized dealer by using our dealer locator.


Do I have to use Switch-N-Go® containers?
Our hoist system and bodies are specifically designed to work together. To ensure compatibility and prevent potential damage, OEM bodies are recommended.


Where do I find the serial number or model name for my hoist system?
These details are on the hoist information label located on the driver side of the system near the winch (passenger side on some systems).

If a legible label cannot be found, look for a physical serial stamp on the system between the winch and the cab of the truck facing up. Recent systems have a series of 6 numbers, while legacy systems serial numbers begin with the letter S followed by four numbers (S1234).

Call the factory at 888-311-0867 with the serial number and we can provide additional information about your hoist as needed.


How do I find what model hoist system I have and is it the current version or legacy system?
These details are on the hoist information label located on the driver side of the system near the winch (passenger side on some systems).

Our hoist system model names look like this, “11-4016-15E”:

  • 11 indicates model length (not actual length)
  • 4016 indicates cylinder size and the 15E is the capacity of the winch (15,000 lbs)
  • E indicates electric and H hydraulic

To determine if you have our legacy system the cylinder size would be called out as 516, 520, 620, 620HD. Our current generation hoist systems are called out as 4016, 4020, 5020.


How do I become an authorized dealer?
Call our offices at 888-311-0867 and speak with our sales department to inquire about becoming an authorized Switch-N-Go® dealer.


How do I find my closest authorized dealer?
Enter your zip code in our dealer locator to find the closest authorized dealers.


How can I get a spec sheet?
Spec sheets are available for download on the respective product pages.


Do you guys have any trucks for sale?
Visit our trucks for sale section for a complete listing of Switch-N-Go® upfitted work trucks available for purchase.


How do I submit a warranty claim?
Click this link to submit a warranty claim. If you are not contacted within 1 business day regarding your claim, please call our office at 888-311-0867 to speak with the tech support department.


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