Stainless Steel Dump Body

The Switch-N-Go® Stainless Steel Dump Body has a proven design that is constructed to last, providing protection from harsh environments and corrosive materials.


With over 20 years of experience, Switch-N-Go® has been providing solutions to businesses that want a work truck that can do more. The industry-respected proven design of the Switch-N-Go® Stainless Steel Dump Body does just that. Constructed to last, the stainless steel build protects from harsh environments and corrosive materials to provide a long working life.

With a double acting tailgate, you can safely and efficiently load and unload equipment and dump materials with the manual front release mechanism. Ideal for various applications, such as Municipalities, Snow & Ice, and more, the Stainless Steel Dump Body has optional solutions, such as fold down sides and a bolt-on cab shield.

  • Available in 11′ & 14′ lengths
  • 10GA 304 Stainless Steel Floor and Sides
  • 18″ Side Height
  • 20″ High Tailgate
  • 39″ & 54″ Bulkhead Heights

Specifications are subject to change with or without notice. Products not warranted for any specific purpose.

  • Superior Corrosion Protection
  • Double Acting Tailgate
  • Manual Front Release Tailgate
  • Bottom Painted Black
  • D-Rings
  • Bolt-On Cab Shield
  • Fold-Down Sides

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Manufacturer’s Warranty

All Switch-N-Go® products are manufactured to high quality standards using top grade commercial steel which is complemented by hydraulic components that are selected to exceed our customer’s needs. Additionally, all Switch-N-Go® products include a manufacturer’s warranty that covers both the hoist systems and individual bodies.

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Pleasant Hill Property Services, LLC.

Norway, MA

Picking one up after dropping one off for a large spring cleanup job. The crew loves the @Switch-N-Go system! You’ve helped our landscaping business take efficiency to a whole new level!

MHW Construction, LLC.

Dalton, PA

Couldn’t be happier with the investment in 1 truck with multiple uses for our diverse operation.

Rathjens Landscaping

Clinton Corners, NY

The Switch-N-Go system gives this truck so much versatility. We have a 12 yard dumpster, flatbed with dovetail, dump body with 2 coal chutes and a custom built leaf box…The ability to switch bodies in minutes and drop bodies on the ground to work out of it saves so much time and labor.

Patterson Property Services

Irwin, PA

Love this system. Eliminates the dangers of trying to rig up a ramp to wheelbarrow up into a dump bed.

University of Maine at Presque Isle

Presque Isle, ME

Switch-N-Go is the best thing I’ve seen and it works awesome! At first, when my guys saw the truck, they were scratching their heads. Now they love the truck so much, they don’t know how we operated before without Switch-N-Go. I’ve been bragging to other facilities directors on how well my truck works.

Durham Landscaping

Durham, NC

Just want to say, I love your system. It is so valuable and cost-effective for my business.

University of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA

With Switch-N-Go, we have the opportunity to create a “machine” that fills our specific needs. This product is so diverse, we’ll never buy another truck without the Switch-N-Go system here at Pitt.

Switch-N-Go is safe to load, it reduces our labor costs while increasing our productivity, and it is fully customizable. You’d be crazy not to buy this system.

Boast Enterprises, LLC

Sullivan, MO

I needed a way to go from delivering gravel to leaf removal/collection, to snow plowing & salt spreading, back to leaf removal and finally to rock hauling…all within a 48 hour window! So, I purchased a Switch-N-Go hoist system as well as their dump body, flatbed, and a few drop boxes. I never dreamed that renting out drop boxes would pay for the truck completely! Now my lawn care business uses the truck for FREE and the dumpster rentals pay for the truck!