Hear from our loyal customers on their experience with using Switch-N-Go products and how it supported their business and needs.

One of the things that help us excel in this field is utilizing our Switch-N-Go F550’s. We have invested over the last couple of seasons in multiple different bodies to operate more efficiently and cleaner with material storage and transfer on jobsites, services such as small dumpster rentals, job-site storage of our install equipment all while branding and advertising. The two main change puts we enjoy are having our storage box (mobile job trailer) that we custom outfitted with shelving and compartments as well as our 18 yard chip body. This is something we could never utilize in the past without an afternoon of bolting in a chip top. A huge thank you to Switch-N-Go for making something that truly helps our jobs run more smoothly. If you’re considering a system I would strongly recommend it to help with diversification as well as having multiple trucks in one! We love ours and couldn’t live without them. Our entire team is stoked to be a part of the family.

Innovative Lawn & Landscape, LLC | Litchfield County, CT

We received the new truck back from being upfitted with the Switch-N-Go system and I couldn’t be more excited! The ability to completely switch truck bodies out in a few minutes is going to be extremely helpful for us, especially this time of year when you never know when it may snow! We can switch from the drop box to the dump body with fold-down sides, at a moment’s notice! This has been a goal of mine for years and I’m really blessed to have a great crew and clients to support the growth of this business over the years.

C & I Services, LLC | Chicago, IL

Benson quickly experienced first-hand how the Switch-N-Go® system allowed his Yardworx team to do more, with less. They could leave a Drop Box at a landscaping job, pick up the Spray Tank to water flowers around the city, and then pick up the Drop Box at the end of the day. Business continued to boom and in order to keep up with demand, he took his permanent mount dump chassis back to Twin Star and converted it to a Switch-N-Go® system. This time he added the Versi-Fit™ bumper so he could still pull his usual trailers when necessary. The Yardworx team was now able to juggle several jobs with each truck each day.

Yardworx Outdoor Services | Rogers, MN

With our Switch-N-Go systems, we can guarantee a safer and easier cleanup. Instead of loading heavier items directly onto our truck’s dumpsters, we are now able to roll our dumpsters on the ground! This makes loading so much easier and safer for our team. It also makes it safer, more efficient, and easier for our dumpster rental customers!

G.I.HAUL® Junk and Waste Removal | Tampa, FL

Not only has our Switch-N-Go system increased our versatility, productivity, and maximized the use of one vehicle, but it is a 2007 year unit and with simple maintenance absolutely nothing has gone wrong. Getting machines up onto elevated areas is a breeze. Going from our leaf removal to firewood delivery is a breeze. The guys love it as equally as I do. Our next truck will have to have a Switch-N-Go system.

Everest Landscape Contractors | Denville, NJ

With Switch-N-Go, we have the opportunity to create a machine that fills our specific needs. The products is so diverse, we’ll never buy another truck without the Switch-N-Go system here at Pitt. Switch-N-Go is safe to load, it reduces our labor costs while increasing our productivity, and it is fully customizable. You’d be crazy not the buy this system.

The University of Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh, PA

I absolutely LOVE Switch-N-Go! I never knew I even needed it. I just went to “check it out,” but now after having it for over a year, it has definitely saved me! The products are reliable, strong, and accommodate all my needs! Can’t wait to buy more systems and products! It’s so convenient having a system that can be used for many tasks and jobs!
Junkin Twin LLC | Tuckerton, NJ

I needed a way to go from delivering gravel to leaf removal/collection, to snow plowing and salt spreader, back to leaf removal, and finally to rock hauling…all within a 48-hour window! So, I purchased a Switch-N-Go hoist system as well as their dump body, flatbed, and a few drop boxes. I never dreamed that renting out drop boxes would pay for the truck completely! Now my lawn care business uses the truck for FREE and the dumpster rentals pay for the truck.

Boast Enterprises, LLC | Sullivan, MO

The Switch-N-Go system gives this truck so much versatility. We have a 12 yard dumpster, flatbed with dovetail, dump body with 2 coal chutes and a custom built leaf box…The ability to switch bodies in minutes and drop bodies on the ground to work out of it saves so much time and labor.

Rathjen's Landscaping | Clinton Corners, NY

Switch-N-Go is the best thing I’ve seen and it works awesome! At first when my guys saw the truck, they were scratching their heads. Now they love the truck so much, they don’t know how we operated before without Switch-N-Go. I’ve been bragging to other facilities directors about how well my truck works.
University of Maine at Presque Isle | Presque Isle, ME


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