makes sense,
makes money


Quickly load and unload in under three minutes

Perfect for 13-33,000 gvwr straight-frame, cab/chassis style trucks with 60” to 138” cab to axle.

Powerful and safe

Our rugged system can lift up to 18,000 lbs. on medium-duty trucks. Body positively locks in place for secure transport, much safer than towing a trailer.

Drop a body and deliver another for your next job

One truck with multiple body options increases your daily productivity.

Lighter weight means greater payloads and up to 40% less expensive than other detachable body systems.

The Switch-N-Go®


Ground-level loading and unloading for faster and safer work!

Loading a fixed body truck takes longer and back related injuries are much more likely to occur. Avoid expensive, lost-time back injury claims with Switch-N-Go®.


Now with one truck and different bodies such as a dump body, equipment flatbed, secure job-site storage or chipper body you’ll have nearly limitless job opportunities.


Lower total cost of ownership when compared to three permanent chassis. One truck plus three Switch-N-Go® bodies saves more than $190,000 over a five year period.

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